Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Easter Bunny will be able to find us!

I have to share a wreath I made at a friends house this past Monday. Her mom had seen on a blog a how to on a Easter wreath, and posted it, so my friend decided to make one, and went out, bought all of the supplies, and invited a few people over to do it. It was fun to do it with some friends, cause we got to gab, and just have moment to make something. I have to admit, I made something similar about 2 years ago for Easter, so I was a seasoned pro in arranging my eggs. We used straw wreath forms, and just started hot gluing them on. When we were done with our egg placements, we took the easter grass and started putting that in the spaces. I was using glue for that at first, and then just tried it out by sticking it in the spaces, and it did fine with out the glue.

My oldest told me it was the most beautiful thing ever! I think she was mimicking me as I also try to gush over their art work from school when they bring it home =).



Jenny said...

That is SO cute! LOVE it!!!

Jamie said...

This is really cool and cute!! Good job!