Saturday, March 12, 2011

A semi Sunny Saturday...

This morning Laura had her 2nd t-ball practice. She was a little less shy today, and was doing better catching balls, and having some fun with her team. I considered it a success, and then 3 minutes left until practice was over- WHAM, she gets hit in the face by a ball. She has a tiny cut inside her mouth that was bleeding a tiny bit, but she was upset and crying. Seconds before I was trying to tell her not to be afraid of the ball, and trying to assure her if she got hit, it wouldn't hurt. Ok so I am now a total liar in her eyes. My bad. Hopefully, she wont be traumatized by it.

We did have a fun rest of the day. The girls played with their toys outside, rode bikes, while we did some cleaning in the garage. I got some air in my bike tires too, so old pinky is ready to roll this spring. Laura suggested we have a picnic, so we complied, and had some sandwiches and chips out on a blanket in front of the house.

Dave smoked a turkey breast, (snaps for the smoker),so we will be having that this evening, along with a frozen pie I bought at foodlion, cause that's how I roll.


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