Thursday, March 3, 2011

A picture of the girls from this morning, and my random morning...

It's been a productive morning in the house. I was home today as my dad had to have eye surgery, and I knew my mom (who has a broken foot) didn't need to worry with taking him to and from the doctors office, as well as taking care of the kids/and taking them to school. I have gone a few loads of laundry and put them away, broke out some Easter decorations (this consists of two bunny's and a pink bow), vacuumed upstairs and downstairs, worked on thank you notes from the kid party, and family party for Rachel, started menu planning for my 31gifts party I am having later this month, and set up an appointment for my daughters screening/interview for Kindergarten next year. Let's hope she and I don't blow it, as I already purchased her uniforms for next year. Can you tell I freak out by stuff like that. I'm such a nervous nelly. At least I know it will go better then any of the interviews Charlie Sheen has given lately.


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