Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A blurb post of March....

Well it is finally March, which means we are a little bit closer to summer time! I have really enjoyed the warmer weather, which means getting outside more, grilling out, outdoor activities etc etc. I am hopeful that Saturday will be nice so I can take the girls to the Norfolk Zoo. We have only been there once before, and that was during my maternity leave with Emily.

So, my February monthly goals that I had posted about last month, I completed all except for dropping the gym membership, BUT that's because I am kinda not sure about it since it's so cheap. I still see myself dropping it with the warmer weather coming, and seeing how often I can do the kick boxing stuff. I am going to class tomorrow and Dave is going with me, that should be a fun little class for us lol.

As for March one of my goals is to get going on stocking up for Spring/Summer clothes for the kids. I know I will make a dent in this as I am heading out of town on a shopping trip in a few weeks to PA. I also should have a credit now at the consignment shop in Williamsburg for the items I took last month, so I will probably hit that up and spend whatever credit I have earned a probably over.

Another goal is to get some pictures framed. I have some family photos, and a beautiful P.Buckley Moss print that I got back in 2007 as a present that needs to be hung asap. Also, I have a few framed pictures in my house I need to change out that are just outdated. We also just had some pictures taken this past weekend of the girls where the proceeds went to support a local boy in our area who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. I have not seen the pictures from that yet, but I am crossing my fingers that they turned out good.

I think that should be good on the goal setting for now as we have even more things coming up this month with Laura starting T-ball, and I signed up Rachel and Emily for gymnastics. Laura will start with gymnastics again later this summer, I didn'tput her in a session this spring as I felt Tball would be enough for her for now without her feeling overwhelmed.


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