Friday, April 1, 2011

March goal recap and setting April goals...

So my March goals got accomplished- I stocked up like crazy for spring and summer clothes for the kiddos, AND got all the photo's that needed framing. I wasn't able to really find a frame I was in love with for my P. Buckley Moss print,so I just used a frame I had in the house until I find something better. Honestly I probably should get that one professional framed, but I am not willing to pay out a lot on that right now. The important thing is it's finally framed after like almost 4 years (hangs head in shame).
I had added another goal to do the pansies in a strawberry pot, but our weather has been pretty crummy since I made that goals, so it has not happend. So that leads me to my April goals:
1. Do the Pansy thing asap when the weather turns around.
2. Drop 10 lbs asap. So I know this is a lot to lose in one month but it can be done. I just have to get serious, and quit eatting crap.
3.Get the kiddos closets ready for warmer weather. This depends on the weather cooperating. I have their new stuff in closets already, but I need to see if anything fits them from last year, and of course see what Emily can use. This will be a serious pain the the butt and require several hours. I am alreeady dreading it.
4. Continue to go to church every Sunday during Lent. I have to admit the kids are really enjoying it, and I am getting a lot of it as well.
5. Start planning a list of stuff to do with the kids this summer. They get out of preschool next month for the summer, and I want to start planning some fun stuff to do on weekends and my fridays, and some stuff Dave can do with them when he's off during the week. =)

That is quite a bit, but hopefully I will be motivated to tackle everything. It's going to be rought as we are about to start up on gymnastics and Laura's tball will be in full swing as well. Here's hoping the warmer weather will give me some energy.


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