Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I am doing for Lent....

I didn't give up anything for Lent. My religion doesn't really do that, (ok I use that kinda loosely, BUT I was baptized as a Methodist, and I attend services at a Methodist church from time to time, plus the college I went to was a Methodist based college). I have however decieded to go to church every Sunday during Lent. Ok, so that may not be anything overly special, but for me it is, as I don't go to church very much. Were talking a handful of times a year if even that....The bible study my neighborhood does just isn't my thing as the women are just so much older then me, and are pretty much the most christian people I have ever known, so you can imagine I just feel out of place....

So last Sunday and this Sunday I was at church. I am sorta hoping that possibly after Lent, we keep it up and go. The girls have really enjoyed it so far. So why don't I got? Well it's my husbands church, and he doesn't go because of his work schedule, and I don't know anyone else besides his mom and aunt, so hence the awkwardness. But I know I will meet people if I just open up to it, so I am trying.

I also have seen first hand that my children need to go regularly, because I don't know how to teach them about God and Jesus, and obviously they are not understanding enough either hence my daughter asking me this morning if the pastor was Jesus. I told her no, but that he was a good friend of his. Don't get me wrong, we talk some about God at home, and talk about praying, their preschool does the same thing, but obviously they need to go to church and learn more then what we can teach them at home.

So that's what were doing. So far so good!


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