Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Party Planning....

In my quest to plan my friends Gender Reveal party, I am slowly getting things done. We nixed my design for the invite I had made, as we were short on time and it would be too hard to get them mailed out in time. I tried to find a program that would let me email my creation, but I couldn't figure it out, so I didn't just want to send it as an attachment because I am anal and thought it would look tacky. SO, I went with paperlesspost.com. I just found a party invite that was cute and I used basically my same wording.

As far as decorating I am in the middle of trying to get that figured out. I ordered a few cheap paper pomp poms to hang off of etsy (yes I could probably figure out how to make them, but again it's about saving some time and stress). I also picked up at Michael's a cute pink and blue bird that I going to work in the set up some how. I have also contacted a friend who has a local business making cake balls, other chocolate goodies. She is going to make a tray with cake balls, and chocolate covered oreos that have cute little baby things on them in pink and blue. I plan on also whipping up some dipped pretzel rods with pink and blue sprinkles.

For added decoration I am going to order/buy some colored M&M's in pink and blue and other candies to have in jars, etc for decoration.

As for the food, I am still tring to figure that out, but it will probably include meatballs, some chips and dips, sausage bites, and of course the cake!

It will all have to wait though as I am leaving in the morning to go to Lancaster, PA for some serious shopping though! So I will be MIA until then!


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