Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A blurb post of March....part 2

* I was awake all night with a stomach bug, and sinus infection. Yesterday I felt bad but I brushed it off to being allergies, but after last night I am 100% certain of my diagnosis, and need a day to pump myself up with meds, and get some sleep during naptime at least.

* Laura had her first tball practice tonight. Nothing will stop me from going =) I am excited she is playing since I played ball, but I know she will have to determine if she likes it or not. Just because it was my thing doesn't mean it has to be hers.

* She's super excited about her baseball cleats. We took her last night to pick them out. That ended up being hard as her foot is on the small side for her age, so we basically had one option, and she will still have to wear two pairs of socks with them and cross our fingers they don't fly off. At least she has room to grow.
*Our friends are expecting their second baby later this summer, and later this month they will find out the gender. The husband was driving his wife crazy saying he didn't want to find out. I was telling them they should have a gender reveal party to make it fun, and to change his mind about finding out. (I keep seeing cute party ideas on blogs), they like the idea and are going to let me help plan it! I am sure the wife is just relieved that they can find out the sex now, lol.

*I think I finally thought of a color for the playroom. Which I basically have been driving myself crazy with for about 5 years. I am 90% sure I want to paint it teal. I want to do a black board paint area as well. Now I just have to pick a shade of teal, and then just bite the bullet and purchase the paint to seal the deal.



Lindsey O. said...

aww sorry you are sick! Hope you feel better soon!

Jenny said...

i think gender reveal parties are so fun! hope you feel better!

Jamie said...

I hope you feel better! I know I don't know these people, but I hope you'll blog about the gender reveal party :) That sounds sooooo fun!! And I think teal is an awesome looks so good with primary colors!! HOW FUN?!! :)...can't wait to see pictures!