Thursday, March 10, 2011

Growing on up....

My oldest, Laura has had a couple of big important days. Yesterday, she had her first tball practice. She was so excited to wear her new baseball cleats, and put to use her glove, bat, etc. Of course when she got there and saw she didn' know anyone on her team she became shy. She had fun though, and loosened up after a bit. I signed up to be the team mom, which I don't even know what that means, but it can't be that hard. I sure will let you know if it is though lol.

Today was the big scary screening at the school we want her to go to next year. I was a bit freaked out by it to be honest. I had talked to some people who had kids there, and got a littl bit of a heads up about what they ask, so Dave and I had been working with Laura to make sure she was prepared. Of course this caused us to go a bit overboard, and soon Laura was on to us, and told us to stop asking her questions. I think she was sick of us asking her 10x a day what her phone number was, how to count to 20, etc etc. I also got scared that Laura was going to get into a staring contest with the lady.

So, the head mistress took Laura to her office, and we basically sat there watching time creep by. When it was over she took us into her office and she went over the test she gave her. Laura did awesome, and one funny thing that happend was, Laura sat across from the teacher, and the teacher asked Laura if she could write her name for her. Laura wrote her name, but she wrote it upside down and backwards so that the teacher could read it from where she was sitting. So that that either means my daughter is a genious, or a jokester I guess lol. The bottom line with her testing is that she is very prepared for their school for next year, and they have accepted her. I am very proud of her!