Friday, March 11, 2011

Washing dishes with a smile

This past Sunday evening, we had a problem with our kitchen sink faucet. It had been a little leaky, and then on Sunday when you turned it out you would get sprayed with water. It turned out to just be a o-ring problem (whatever the heck that is, to me that sounds like a birth control method), and my husband and father in law were not able to find any o-rings at the local hardware stores in the size we needed. We were just going to order one, and then Dave and I just decieded maybe we would replace the entire faucet. When we built our house, we didn't put much thought into the faucets. We didn't know what to look for, so we just let the builder do his thing, and we got decent stuff, but nothing fancy. We figured we could always replace things like that later, and now it was later for the kitchen faucet.

We purchased this from Home Depot as we had a gift card, and after checking online Home Depot seemed to be the cheapest place that had what we liked by far. Seriously, had the same exact one for 200.00 more. We both liked the ones that had the pull down sprayer from the nozzle, so we picked one with the feature. Where our original sprayer already was now sits a built in soap dispenser.

Dave installed it last night without any issues (knock on wood), and Laura asked to be the first to wash her hands with it. I am loving my new faucet. You know your getting old when faucets excite you.


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