Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Struggling with the diet today...

I know frozen lunches are not that exciting, but they make life easy when your trying to diet, or just are too lazy to prepare a lunch to take to work. However, I am pretty smitten with a Smart Ones Frozen meal I found found called Thai Chicken and Rice noodles. It's the bomb. It's got a yummy peanut sauce, and doesn't have that frozen meal taste. I have found it at Walmart and Target.

It's been a hard day on the diet as a rep brought in breakfast from Chickfila, and gosh darnet a big ole platter of those chicken mini's and cinnamon clusters smelled really good, and of course the smell drifted into my office ALL. DAY. LONG. Pure torture. Oh and did I mention a patient made a chocolate bundt cake. They are killing me! I did eat one chicken mini, but one is only 2 points so no harm done.

In other non- dieting news I am attempting to get caught back up on my scrapbooking. I did a lot last weekend during naptime, and am going to attempt to do some this evening. I will post some updates on my scrapbooking blog. I am working on summer pictures so I am not too far behind.


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