Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A bit of this, and a bit of that....

On week one of WW I have lost 5lbs. I was pretty excited, and demanded to see a good number on the scale as I was being a weight watcher nazi and making sure I behaved myself. Let's hope the downward trend on the scale continues....

I got my hair did last night. LOVE IT! I changed the color up a bit cause I was looking too much like a yellow highlighter. She did some high lites but added in some chunky low lites, and then after that she put a toner on it, and it turned out cute. I am still on a mission to keep growing my hair long. I am sure soon enough I will hack it all off.

Swimming lessons started this week, and my mom reports the girls are doing good. I put them in the same skill level class, but today the teacher moved Laura up to the next level. They have really made huge strides in their swimming skills this summer. I would be willing to bet next year or the year after we will be starting swim team.

We had this vine thing start growing all crazy in the front flower bed, and we knew it wasn't a weed, and figured it was either a pumpkin plant or watermelon plant coming up from a random seed , and we finally confirmed we have a pumpkin vine growing. This vine is seriously going to take over the front bed, and we probably look really redneckish, but I refuse to get rid of it. I think it will be really cool to have our own pumpkins this year even if we didn't mean to grow any. Oh and that doesn't mean we wont be going to the pumpkin patch in Surry... I still demand to go so we can get the funky pumpkins.


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Veronica said...

farmer Giles wins again.