Monday, August 9, 2010

I love EBATES!

Dave and I picked out our paint yesterday. I work well under pressure lol. I wasn't sure when I left what we would do our master bathroom in, but when I got there and I ended up picking out a light mint color. I think it will look good with the dark wood, and the tile that we will eventually have. Yeah I picked out some tile too, but no idea when we will get around to that....

When we left there I tried to go by Ulta as I have been running low on makeup for freaking ever... Were talking I for like 2 months now I have needed new stuff... I like the bareminerals stuff and was hoping to get some. The store had already closed though.... boo hiss...However after looking through I saw you get 8% back from going through them, so I purchased through them on got free shipping with my order AND sephora lets you pick 3 free samples, and I had a promo code for a free mascara sample, so four freebies coming soon. Not bad!


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