Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to school stress

Oy. The end of summer is coming, and I can already feel myself tensing up. Hello, my name is Robyn and I am a control freak, and I get overwhelmed very easily. I don't know why, but every fall I get all worked up about back to school, and my kids are only in pre-school. I have been focused on fall clothing shopping, getting the needed supplies, making sure important dates are scheduled on the calender I also am joining a community organization that is going to take up a lot of time. You know what stresses the bejesus out of me? That this preschool has been functioning for years and years, (I went to this school as a child so you know it's old) but yet every freaking year they can't give you details on the begining days of school. Each year about this time I get a notice with who the teacher is, supply list, and when to come for orientation, but then they get all secretive. On the letter they write down that the day after orientation they will have classroom visits for the children and the time for that will be given the night before. Every year they do that. Of course I made a point to take that day off from work, but I just don't get why they can't get their crap together and set times ahead of time so that working parents can have some notice. They also do a slow start as the kids just go for one hour the first day, etc, but they wont tell you any of the specifics until the night of the orientation. I hate it, but of course I love the school, so I attempt to deal.

I am excited that Rachel got the teacher I requested (Laura's old teachers from last year), and I am a little nervous that Laura has someone that has not been a lead teacher before, but I feel that Laura is very smart for her age, and she is a fast learner. If she wasn't I'd whip her into another class in a heart beat. Also, I know I shouldn't be quick to judge someone without giving her a chance, but stressing out is what I do best.

Geeze as I type this post I can feel myself getting tense. I just like to know dates and times ahead of time, it just puts me at ease.

Not sure if it's the stress I create for myself, or all WW credit, but I am down 8lbs now total from starting my diet. woohoo! Hopefully the numbers keep going down..

In other news, the online book club started yesterday. It's funny really, I ordered the book, and it's been sitting here, and I had refused to start it until the group leaders said how they were going to do it yesterday. Yesterday they assigned the chapters for this week which were 1-10. I told myself I would read 1-10 only this week like they said. FAIL! It's been less then 24 hours and I am halfway through the book, like on chapter 32. I can't help it, this is a really good book. To be honest it reminds me somewhat of Wally Lambs book She's Come Undone. That's my favorite book EVER. It's not that they have the same story line, but I think the main characters just suffer so much, have such dark secrets. I am glad this book was chosen because I love it, and I probably would not have chosen it myself.


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