Sunday, August 8, 2010

Projects coming from every end...

Isn't this picture of Emily adorable! I just love it. The bathing suit she has one came from Goodwill for $1 and I had my mom embroider the E on it. My mom is just so stinking talented. We had an evening swim last night at the pool and I got in a few pictures. In the household we are gearing up for some projects (besides me trying to catch up with my albums). We have Pete the paintman coming by Tuesday. He's a awesome cheap painter that just charges by the day. We still need our upstairs hallway painted (Pete did our entryway, kitchen and living room last year, and we were very happy with him. We also want to have him paint the upstairs kids bathroom, and then our master bath. We are hopeful that maybe, just maybe he can knock all of those out in one day.... If not then we will just put off our master bath for a while.

I would like to do a bright pink in the girls bathroom. As for the hallway I plan on sticking with that we have in our den, and for our bathroom I don't have a clue....I have until tonight to pick out the paint... eek!

Another project in the works is attempting to repaint my grandmother's sewing machine table. It's a dark stain wood now with lots and lots of scratches. I would love for it to be painted a turqoise color and replace the hardware on it. I have pretty much no idea what I am doing though. Do I just sand the bejesus out of it and then prime then paint? I'm no expert here. Guess I will be googling some!

And one thing I just have to brag about, I have purchased a christmas gift, and I have it wrapped up with a pretty bow. Go me!



Jaime said...

I refinished James' old teak bedroom suite. I basically sanded the crap out of it... enough to get the shiny finish off and even out the scratches. Then primed and painted it black. I added matte silver drawer pulls to it as well. It turned out pretty well. You'll definitely want one of those little mouse sanders... it'll save you a lot of elbow grease.

Jenny said...

You NEVER cease to amaze me. I want some of your energy!

AverettLadyNana said...

Since I am so stinking talented ...I'll tell you my painting skills too...Kiltz White to prime it so the wood stain doesn't bleed through. Then paint with the turquoise paint.

And FYIa it's not me that's talented it's my sewing machines!!!