Friday, August 27, 2010

A reason to spend...

For those who have wee ones there is a really cool sample sale website called During the week they have new items at deep discounts... such cute stuff- I actually ordered my oldest daughter's halloween costume off of it last week (she changed her mind from Snow White, and picked "Pink Princess") Anyways, todays showings had me using restraint.... I am a huge sucker for halloween- and they had this dress:


OMG cuteness.... I didn't pull the trigger on this one, or the other cute halloween clothing they had...So cute though!

I did however have to take part in the 30% off Give and Get going on at Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic. I mean I can't turn down that.... I picked up an outfit for Emily for her birthday, some tights for the kiddos, and jeans for my older two. Lovely deal I tell ya.

I was upset that Old Navy didn't have this dress in their store today, but I am probably going to order it online because I have stared at it and pictured myself in it all day, and hello it's on sale...


I am a bit horrified to see the grunge look is coming back... see below


Yes Old Navy has a million of these for men and women. Nothing makes you feel old like seeing a fad come back around... Oh how I used to raid my dad's closet for his flannel shirts and beg my mom to buy "cool" flannels at Express back in the day. I will not be buying any flannel that I promise you. I would just feel a little too Kurt Cobain.

If anyone needs me to email them a coupon code for the 30% which goes all weekend please send me your email address, cause I gotta feed everyone else's shopping addictions as well. But please don't use it to buy a flannel shirt, that you can get at a thrift store for a $1.

Oh and keep me in your thoughts and prayers tomorow as I am heading to Busch Gardens tomorow with all three kids by myself, (well I am meeting a friend and her wee one, but I wont have a husband helping) This will require lots of deep breaths, and possible Valium, and hopefully I wont scare my friend out of having more then one child.


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