Friday, August 20, 2010

Behold you chocolate addicts on WW I have found something to help my cravings, and keep me on track. Vita Top muffins. I found these at Farm Fresh in the organic/healthy frozen foods section. It's pretty much what it says, just the tops of a chocolate muffin, and it's high in fiber, low calorie (only 100 cals), and low fat, and works out to being one WW point. My only gripe, is that they are a bit on the expensive side.... I think the box I got only had 4, and they were $5.00 ish. But that's cheaper then stopping at McDonald's I guess. This week I would heat up one of those to eat for breakfast, and then eat a banana, and it would keep me hungry free until lunch.

WW is going well, however I have a major road block coming Sunday.... We are heading to the mountains to go river tubing/floating, and on the way we are stopping in Richmond to eat at PF Changs.... I took the liberty of printing the nutritional info from their website, and lordy.....Oh how I love that place, but my gracious....Let me put it this way, I get 24 points a day, and what I would normally order from there is 24 points (General Changs Chicken)....Seriously I studied the menu for a good hour, and have decided I will get the Singapore Street Noodles (they are super yummy too), that meal will be 19 points if I eat it all, but at least it has lots of veggies, and will give me some options for a light breakfast and dinner. But who am I kidding, I am sure I will have to really tap into my extra points.... I will just call it a blessing if I don't have any gains when I weigh next week.

In other not foodie news, I hope everyone took advantage of local deal yesterday. It was a awesome deal! For $25 you get $50 worth at Gap, good through now till November 19th. Sweet!


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