Saturday, August 7, 2010

Scrapbooking crisis

I have been a digital scrapbook fool lately. I am currently working on summer pictures. My 2009 book was pretty much done (or so I thought), and just needed to put together the album. I was putting that together today and noticed I was missing some Christmas pictures. I had forgotten all about Christmas! Ugg! To top it off I never loaded my Christmas pictures on my photo manager. I use the Creative Memories programs to organize and also do the digital organizing, and I never put them on. I have a pretty good idea I have already erased them from the memory card on the camera, but at least I have a bunch of them on facebook. Annoying, and very stupid on my part.

I gave myself another panic attack by trying to look at my 2008 book that I knew was alread slacking because when I had Emily I made the switch to digital. That book was a nightmare....I had done up until part of Spring the traditional way, but we had a lot going on that Spring. The girls had their first swim lessons EVER, Dave and I took a trip to Charleston, SC, I went off with my parents to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in NY, I also had skipped ahead and did some digital scrapbooking through a website called- cause I had not bought the digital program yet. I discovered I still had some pages on that website that I had not purchased yet, (some fall pictures, pictures for Emily's baby book, etc) I went a head and purchased those that were already done, and I sat down and attempted to scrapbook the traditional way to complete what I started on 2008. It was pretty miserable. Umm I don't think I will be making books the traditional way ever again. I am an official digital crossover now. I had to do one freaking layout and it took for EVER and I still don't like it.

I refuse to even look in their baby books right now. Laura's of course is pretty much done, and Rachel's is about done, but Emily's, is super slacking, but hey, it's started. One day one day... I also have books going on each girls birthday. I just do one page on those for each year. I have not started Emily's though yet, YIKES. I think I need to buy a album for her. It's just a mess I tell you, but I am determined to knock out some of the mess this weekend in the evenings. I will not give up.


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