Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yesterday morning, I ran a few errands with my oldest, as Dave hung out at home with the kids. Laura and I went to the local library, so she could pick out some books and movies for her and her sisters. She ended up with two Fancy Nancy books, some Italian book, ballerina books, and one of the movies is a flipping Barney Movie... Oh how I remember how my now 16 year old nephew had such ab obsession with Barney... I didn't even know Laura would know what Barney is, but apparently she does! I had a hard time finding anything for myself, so I actually ended up getting a book on CD, since they didn't have any written copies available, and the waiting list for the books were long. I have never gotten a book on CD before, so I was unsure how I would like it, if I could pay attention, etc. It's actually not bad! I am just going to listen to it when I am driving, and since I have a 20 -30 commute each way to work, I figure I should be able to knock out the book in no time! The book I am listening to is Emily Giffin's newest book- Heart of the Matter. I am on chapter 3, and so far it's really good, but all of her books are so no surprise.

Laura and I also went by a produce market, and then Food Lion, and then when we came home we all went to the pool (Laura and I rode our bikes up there). I probably could have walked blindfolded to the pool faster then riding my bike with her, but she loves it when we ride our bikes there.

Laura and Rachel are doing so good with their swimming. Their newest trick they like to do is jump into the pool together holding hands. It's so cute, I am determined to get a photo of it at some point this summer. Daily at the pool I can count on someone new to ask me if they are twins. I really wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that.

Emily loves the pool too, she is way too brave though, which scares me. She tries to jump off the side already. I definitely have some water babies. As much as I love the pool, I hate the mess my house becomes because of it in the summer. Our porch always has beach towels hanging to dry off the side, you can count on bathing suits to be strung all over the house. I also slack on cleaning because we spend most of our time outside the house. I really need a raining day to get my house back together...

Oh I ended up buying the earrings with the green stones in the post below. It was so hard not to go crazy and buy a bunch of stuff!

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