Monday, June 14, 2010

Snarkyness, and Pool Fun.....

The foul mood in this house with me has continued all weekend, as I am bitter that Dave got the phone. Just doesn't make good sense... I am the one who runs the household, I could stand to use a smart phone. Him? He's just entertaining himself with looking up retarded videos of people farting or hitting each other. What is wrong with this picture?? It's not fair and I am mad at myself for even offering it up for a father's day gift. I am being one bitter betty right now. I only have myself to blame, and that drives me CRAZY.

Despite said foul mood, the weekend was productive with me having to take a first aide and CPR class that took all day, (so I can learn to take care of the husband after I seriously injure him for being clueless to the ways of the wife's brain), and spending a lot of time at the pool.

If you have the opportunity to join a pool, I seriously suggest it. About half a mile from our house is a pool that we have been members of since the summer I was pregnant with Laura. Before that, while growing up my parents were members of the pool until I was 16ish and then busy with other things. A lot of pools (at least in my area) have been closing down over the years, because I guess some families can't afford it, or they chose to do waterparks over a pool membership. Luckily, our pool has not had to worry about that, as a cell phone tower got put on the property, and now that takes care of the future of the pool. The members are also actively involved with taking care of the property. I can see where waterparks would win a lot of people over if you have to chose, BUT in our case, we can go to the pool all the freaking time and not worry about traffic, large crazy crowds, weirdos, etc. Another plus, if someone gets sick or we forget something, we don't have far to go to get our stuff or just go home. I also don't have to worry about someone stealing junk. I had the unfortunate experience of having a brand new pair of white oakleys and some flip flops stolen at Water Country when I was 17, and obviously that sucked.

The kids are enjoying getting to know other children at the pool, and have made some good friends. Alot of their little friends are on the swim team, and I secretly hope for mine to be on the swim team one day as well. If nothing else, my kids will at least be good swimmers, and have a bunch of memories of summers at the pool.

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