Saturday, June 19, 2010


I have been on a kick of looking at artsy mom blogs. I myself love arts and crafts, and have been excited to do things with the kids, but I have had to get over the fear or the "mess". I have made sure I have gotten all washable paints/markers, etc, and I make sure the kids don't have on any clothes that are expensive. We also have mandatory handwashing when our projects are over.

This week we of course, discovered Goo, and made our own. We painted with red pain outside, we did our glue and flour project, and then most recently we ventured into watercolors. The watercolors have been their favorite so far. I made sure to buy water color paper, because the thickness will prevent anyone from crying about their paper getting so wet that it gets a tear or a hole. The supplies for all of this have been super cheap, and they rather do some art then play with their toys....

*I'd also like to take a minute, and give an update on the phone situation... I have a droid ordered and coming to me, so we can all breath a sign of relieft that I wont be moaning and groaning about it anymore... Dave get's to keep his too, thanks to the wonders of ebay.


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Ashley said...

I did a whole wall in my kids play room with cork board and I have put all of my sons drawing and painting on it! I actually should blog about it because I like for him to know that I have it up and see it everyday..yet I can also keep my kitchen..well ya know...decorated for more my style LOl :)

My son LOVES to color and paint I understand the fear of a mess :)
Thank you for sharing!