Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ahh... the weekend is in view. Here's what new with us:

Those lovely Tory Burch Flip Flops I wont shut up about should be on my toes by Saturday! My giftcard I earned finally came about a week ago, BUT when I went to place my order my size was not to be found. I stalked the website for a few days, and then finally my size popped up, and I found a code for free shipping.

My oldest demonstrated for us last weekend that she can swim short distances in the pool without any assistance from water wings, or swimming vests. You go girl!

Confession... Dave really wants a Verizon Droid phone, and we only have 1 upgrade available on our phone plan right now. I have been planning to get it for him for Father's Day as a surprise, but since this week I think I have fallen for the Droid myself. So obviously the non-selfish decision would be for me to get Dave the phone, which is what I had planned.... HOWEVER, I was telling Dave how I would like one eventually, and he tried to get me to buy one right then, and so I had to crack and tell him I couldn't as my plan was to get one for him for Father's Day. He then told me I should still get one, and get him something else for Father's Day, as he feels I would be able to get more out of the phone then him. Cue me getting my hopes up thinking we could then go back and I would get it... Didn't happen, and he hasn't brought it up since. I actually pray every day that he will bring it up and give me the go ahead to get it for myself. It's pretty sad.

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Jenny said...

I got one and I LOVE it! Go get it, girl!