Saturday, June 5, 2010

5 Question Friday... but on a Saturday

Saw this on another blog and I am going to play along too, since I don't have much to blog about.

1. If you could go back to college would you change your major? Or, if you were to go to college right now...what major would you choose?

Tough call! Well actually my freshman year my major was Physical Education. Yep, I wanted to be a PE teacher. Go figure, I was a huge jock. My grades freshman year were soso as I was still getting adjusted to college life. To get into the education part of major sophomore year you had to apply for the education program etc etc...I was worried about my GPA not being high enough, so I actually sat down one night with the curriculum book of all majors, and I looked for one that didn't require much math, and that is how I found the Social Work major lol. Crazy thing was my GPA turned around, and I would have been fine if I had gone ahead with the PE major. However, I have to say I loved the Social Work classes. They were so freaking interesting, and I did pretty awesome in them, and was able to get into a one year accelerated masters program (which is insanely hard to get into). I love my job, and I think all an in I would do it all over again!

2. What do you love most about your home?
We built our home, so obviously I love a lot of it. One thing I really like is having our master bedroom downstairs.

3. What types of books do you like to read (if you like to read at all)?

I read a lot. I tend to like chick- lit, (but not romance novels). The last book I read was The Help, which had me crying like a baby.

4. What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten?
When I was in the 11th grade, my parents and grandparents all went to eat at this Fancy Seafood place, and took me along. I tend to like a lot of seafood, and my favorite at the moment were steamed clams. So I happily ordered the clams.... apparently this place just serves them raw...I knew they had cost my parents a lot, so I didn't want to be a brat and not eat them, so I sucked it up and attempted to eat them.... IT was awful... After the first one, I just started to try to swallow them whole, and chug tea with each one. So nasty!

5. If you HAD to be a character on a TV show, whom would you be?
hmmm could I just be Sookie Stackhouse from Tru Blood on HBO? She's just the cutest thing, and Vampire Bill is just pretty hot.

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