Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gymnastics Spring Session

This past Tuesday my older two kiddos had their gymnastics "show". Apparently all the spring classes have a huge show with all the age groups, and the gymnastics team each year. This year the theme was "Peace, Love, and Flips". Our age group was asked to wear a tie-dye shirt with black shorts. The gym was decorated all colorful, and hippyish. Laura and Rachel were in the same gymnastic class this session, which in theory was very convienent, but the class they ended up being in consisted of the ghetto fabulous kids and parents included... They will be in seperate classes the next session because Laura moves up a level, but I can tell you this, if either one of them are in ghetto classes again, I will be pulling them out and we will carry ourselves to the non-parks and recreation gym. WORD!

Laura was very shy during the show. Can't say I blame her as there were over 100 people watching. Rachel, on the other hand thought she was Miss America, as she loved looking at the crowd and waving with a huge smile on her face through every routine.


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