Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For all the Twilight lovers....

I made an emergency Target run this am for tweezers. My eyebrows were out of control, and the tweezers in the house are missing, and I either don't have time to get an eyebrow wax at my favorite nail place, or I don't have cash on me for a tip, because those sneaky suckers wont accept tip on a debit card anymore... While I grabbed some tweezers, I spied Stephanie Meyer's new book (author of the Twilight series) on sale, so that had to come with me. This book is called The Second Short Life of Bree Tanner. This is a short book told by a newbie vampires point of view. Bree was a newbie created to be part of an army in the third book- Eclipse. Apparently, Bree is in the newest movie coming out, and Stephanie Meyer suggests all fans read this book to get a feeling for things from her point of view.

You can actually read the book for free from this website: http://breetannerbook.libredigital.com/index.html for a short time period, but I wanted the hardback copy since I have all the other books.

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