Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Bucket List

A girl after my own heart- Semi- Slacker Mom- did a summer bucket list post, see her link on my side bar. What a fun idea! She put a list together of some of the things she has lined up already for her kids, and things she can do when the kids get bored....

I put together our family's Summer Bucket List:

* Gymnastic classes through August (oldest two kids)

* Angelina Ballet Camp thingy (oldest)

* Vacation Bible School (oldest)

* Swim lessons (older two kids)

* spend way too much time at the neighborhood pool (we pretty much live there)

* Visit the VLM lots with out passes (Virginia Living Museum)

* week vacation in Nags Head

* pick blue berries

* take lots of bike rides

* make cinnamon rolls from scratch ala Pioneer Woman

* attempt teaching oldest to ride bike without training wheels without injury

* visit the animals at Blue Bird Gap Farm

* neighborhood bible study group (for me)

* family trips to Busch Gardens

* not kill the veggie plants I have growing....

* lots of walks to feed the ducks and fish at lake near our house

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