Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's 3pm and I already want dinner....

Confession.... we strayed from the menu planning some this week... well actually a lot...I feel guilty, but hey. I did good Monday, which wasn't hard as we had a party at our house, but then on Tuesday I had a coupon for a free chick-fil-a new spicy sandwich (which is the bomb diggity no doubt) so we all ended up there.... Then another night we ate hot dogs at a baseball game. I ended up doing Sloppy Joes last night instead of Thursday... Tonight I am also not going with the original plan which I think was grilling pork chops.... I am going to make pancakes.... I really want to make a pancake recipe from who else- The Pioneer Woman. It's a sour cream pancake recipe that's in her awesome cookbook that I own, but if you want to try it out yourself a bunch of people have posted it on there blogs so check out one of them here if you want to do this too :

I just have a mad craving for breakfast for dinner! I can't wait to eat these all up with some bacon tonight!

I need to sit down tomorow and try to do some menu planning for next week, and hopefully I will do a better job!


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