Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Thoughts...

* I got a pedicure last Friday, and went with the color lavender... still am not sure if I like it, I usually go with reds, pinks, or french. I probably will be going back to said usual colors next time.

* The book on CD - Heart of the Matter, is really good. I wasn't sure if I would have the attention span to "listen to a book", but I have really enjoyed it. The book is narrated by Cynthia Nixon (Miranda from Sex and the City), and she does a great job. I do find myself having a hard time getting out of the car when I arrive at work because I just want to stay and listen though.

* Laura is doing ballet camp this week, and she's having a really good time. I am excited to see her perform this Friday on the last day. Rachel doesn't understand why she isn't in ballet camp (she's not old enough). I have a feeling this will be a common issue for the next 15 years or more.

* I am trying really hard to wait closer to my birthday to switch over my phone, since it's technically my birthday present from the husband. Thank you Ebay for coming through, cause I was really freaking there for a while. Meanwhile I have the phone all set to go in a cute pink cover thingy.

* We had our 2nd neighborhood bible study session this week, and though I do really like it, I still am scared to death because this is my first time in a bible study, and it's pretty obvious that all the woman have extensive religious backgrounds, while even though I did take several religion classes in college, and had that two year stint at Catholic School, I clearly have a lot to learn still. Ok, so maybe in high school I was just trying to get a good enough grade so I could play sports, and in college I was just making sure I'd get that A to secure getting on the Deans List. I feel paranoid , and I am certain there is a arrow over my head flashing "does not attend church regularly". Speaking of which, I was trying hard for a while to go the church my husband grew up in, the one which we were married, and our children were baptised. I feel horribly guilty saying this, but I just am not sure that I liked it. I am sure I could have tried harder, but the church is lacking others within 50 years of my age range, and I just didn't feel that warm fuzzy welcome feeling. I have thought about checking out other churches, and I always chicken out. I am horribly shy in new surroundings, and can be scared off very easily. I don't want to try out a new church, and then have the members just randomly show up on my front porch unexpectedly. I have ruled out certain churches or religions as I don't want to go anywhere that preaches hate, believes that people go to hell if they don't do this or that,have strong political opinions and expect all members to have the same exact ones, etc etc. That is a lot of me to ask for, as I have learned, but I can't be a active member in something if I am not 100% behind what a church stands for. It is frustrating though, here I am a product of being taught in private religious school for the majority of my life grade school through college, and yet I am still trying to figure it all out.


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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I'm that person when I go to a bible study too! About the only scripture I know by heart is Psalms 23!