Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Smart Phone, does every family need it?

Let me be honest, I am usually slow when it comes to getting new electronic devices. I could have cared less about flat screen TV's, surround sound, text messaging etc. My eyes glaze over when the husband starts talking about it, and I had to pretend to be excited when we got the new TV's. I did finally get on the texting bandwagon and I do like it now. The only cool technology devices I did get excited about was the Kindle, and the Canon big momma camera that my parents got me not long after I had Emily. The kindle usually now stays in my nightstand and I mainly usually just take it if we go on vacation, as I rather get free books from the library. My camera does get a lot of use out of it, so I consider that a fantastic investment, just wish I knew how to do more with it.

But seriously, if Verizon will carry the Iphone I am going to have to consider it. Yes this is coming for someone who does not have internet on my phone now. I have the Itouch, and I am addicted and can only imagaine if I could use it everywhere and take pictures with it and make phone calls. However, the monthly internet fee for phones like that is wee bit crazy. I don't mind paying for quality in a product, but internet for a phone just doesn't seem like a necessity, even thogh I do really want it. Sigh... and of course if I get it the husband would want it, and then that doubles the price. So tell me people just how life changing is an Iphone or another smart phone in general? Do I really really need it? I can reason expensive purses, jeans, and some David Yurman bling, but those don't come with monthly fees... I have no interest in any other smart phone other then the Iphone, so I am telling myself I will only figure out what I want to do if and when it comes to Verizon.


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Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

I think Verizon's version is the "Droid" but I don't know how similar it is. I'm afraid to look into it b/c if it's like an iphone, I'm going to have to have one and like you said, not an expense I really need!