Saturday, April 10, 2010

Name Banners...

Yesterday I decieded I wanted to make banners for my kids doors... I am really liking the one I did for the playroom door,and figured to expand it on to my kids. I am really enjoying making these because I get to play with my scrapbook stuff. I also feel all warm and fuzzy using items I have had forever! It feels almost like a free project until I have to remind myself I bought the supplies years ago... It's like shopping in my own stuff though, because I have forgotten what I actually have in my stash, so I get all excited when I find something cool. For the triangle thingys I just used pretty scrapbook paper, for the rosettes I used crepe paper that I have had for 4 years to use when we have birthday parties, and I turned them into rosettes with hot glue as my adhesive. The circles on the rosettes I gut out with my Cruicut, and the letter for their name I have just had in my stash and they are chip board letters. I also have a bunch of ribbon so I used up two stands of that, OH, I also used my Cropodile thingy for punching the small holes and setting the eyelets/grommets so I could string my banner. If you don't have one they are worth it. They are not expensive and make things easier on your hands if you need to set grommets. I have had mine for about 4 years I guess. I need to finish one for Laura for her door, and will probably finish hers today at some point.

*again I got this idea from Jamie's blog- a forest frolic- the link is on my sidebar. she sells some of hers in an etsy shop too, and her's are made with more love as she goes into more detail with hers and hand sews and crepe paper!


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