Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Trip To Busch Gardens...

Well, honestly it was just Emily's first time at Busch. Laura went in 2007, and Rachel was an infant, so they didn't remember any of it... For the last couple of years I think about getting a pass and then just don't. I figured to just do it this year. The girls are older and they had such a blast at the circus, that it was just time. They also have a Sesame Street area there now, so there are lot's of things for them to see and do.

We headed out this morning, honestly thinking we would just buy the passes and then come home as it looked like it was going to storm bad. It ended up clearing up though, so we stayed and had some fun! Honestly, it was the perfect day, as because of the weather forecast, the park was hardly crowded at all. We didn't have any lines to wait in, and it wasn't hot. Apparently, I have thrill seekers, because they just wanted to ride the kiddie roller coaster over and over. We also rode the train, and the sky ride, and played in Land of the Dragons.

I am so glad I decided to get us passes this year, as the girls can not wait until we all go back!



Whitney (for the rest of the Shouses) said...

I LOVE Busch Gardens and my kids haven't gotten to go yet either because we always seem to be in VA at Christmastime. Is the Sesame Street stuff fun for them?

Mom of Three said...

The Sesame area is really cool, but the area isn't as big as I thought it would be (it's over in the old petting zoo area) but there is a lot of other stuff the kids can do. They do have that Christmas Town thing at BG now!