Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Circus is here in town!

I felt that this year, my older two were ready to experience the circus... Emily would probably be ok for 30 min, but after that she would have been ready to climb all over the place. Have no fear, maybe next year she will be ready, so don't feel bad for her that she missed out.... We started on Monday with going to see the Elephant Walk...We stood on the side of the road, and the girls had no clue what we were doing... However, when they saw the elephants they were amazed. They couldn't stop talking about the circus until we we finally went for opening night. They had no idea what a circus was, but boy where they excited!

I loved going to the circus as a child. I went numerous years in the 1980's.... I remember being excited about seeing a "real unicorn", and I remember my parents giving in and buying me a bunch of unicorn stuffed animals. I loved those things... I remeber seeing King Tusk (HUGE elepant with HUGE tusks), I remember seeing that Guther Williams lion tamer dude many times, and I believe we went to his farewell performance tour. It was just magical.... The last time I went before this week was when I was 17. I talked two girlfriends into going with me, and the guy I was dating was a hawker selling drinks, and popcorn in the stands. Anyways, last night we ventured out with some friens and their little girl, and the kids were just in amazement... It's still just as magical, and it was so neat to see the Circus again through my children's eyes. One thing that has changed, are the syles of the clowns now... they seem hip and they don't wear the clown costumes that I remember. And hello? Those circus people look young... guess my age is showing. Rachel has announced she is joining the circus and she's going to wear a prety outfit and ride an elephant. Laura wants to learn how to do the flips that they can do, and I can't wait to take them back next year. Meanwhile, my older two have been sleeping every night with a elephant toy we were suckered into buying.


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Jamie said...

I love the circus, too! I can't wait until B & W are old enough to appreciate it. I actually asked Jedd to take me there for my birthday the year I was prego with Wesley. I still loved it!!!...