Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random tuesday musings...

• I am wearing a new skirt today that I can’t zip all the way up, because I am too stubborn to accept I need to go up a size…
• I have eaten huge burritos from Chipotle two days in a row which may be a reason for my skirt not zipping… Totally obsessed with that place…Their food is perfection, but I can’t give up Plaza because their margaritas are the bomb, and I fully believe that margaritas= better parenting.
• Just and FYI for anyone, liposuction of your abdomen will cost $4100 from a local place in my home town… $3100 for your hips, but each additional area is just $950. (haha they try to act like that’s cheap) Total let down as I had it in my head liposuction would be about a thousand.
• Coed softball has started up again. I am on a new team as my last year team I guess didn’t get back together or something. I like this team, but lord, I feel so freaking old out there… I could hardly move this morning from all the running. I totally thought all the running would mean I would wake up with a flat stomach and skinny thighs…. No such luck, it just means I would be hobbling around all day.
• I am psyching myself up to clean my bathroom tonight…. It’s that dirty….


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