Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Rambles

**I have my first weigh in today with WW, and I think despite my weekend of overeating and not exactly following the plan, I should have some weight loss, since I have been weighing my self at work and it’s shown a drop. We shall see!

**My IRL (in real life) friend, coworker, and fellow blogger posted a recipe for making your own laundry detergent. I usually buy the Costco Kirkland brand, but this interests me enough and seems to work and be cheaper, so I am going to give it a try. Check out her blog, it on my blog roll and her title is Wireless Marionettes and other Scary Things. She’s super creative and funny. Start following her asap.

**My middle child turns 2 on the 23rd and we are having her party this weekend. I am cooking Chicken Enchiladas for an unknown amount of people because the entire world is rude and doesn’t RSVP anymore. Seriously, it never fails. Actually some people have and some I know will come like family, but everyone else is a guessing game which means I have to overcook and over buy, and then in the end waste money and food and my time. So if you don’t RSVP when your asked, suck it up and do it. Act like you have common sense and courtesy. Geese some people are really raised in a barn. Ok enough about that.

**Dave is doing super duper in the recovery aspect. He mainly took it easy the day of and the day after, he was even on planning on working out Monday morning, but his workout partner was sick. So my conclusion is vasectomies are so worth it. The procedure seems simple enough, and the recovery looks like a breeze.



Veronica said...

Thanks for bragging on me.

Katie said...

Yep, people who don't RSVP suck.