Thursday, February 12, 2009

I am on Day 2 of this diet crap. Day 1 was fine. Day 2 not so much. I have not blown it yet, but my will power is being tested... A patient made a cake. It's really pretty, in the shape of a heart, beautiful fatty frostening, cute decorations, and home made... I visited the break room three time so far to gaze at its amazement. I broke down at lunch and had a 2 inch piece. I am telling myself it was maybe 4 pts, please don't tell me I am way off. I need to lie to myself. I will have dinner, but I wont go out as Dave is going to be "under thhave a snack later tonight to make up for it. I plan on blowing my banked points this weekend betwee my nephews bday party and hopeing to go out to dinner for V-day. I doubt we will as Dave wil be sitting with a bag of frozen peas, but I can still dream. If worse comes to worse, I will order take out from somewhere, cause home girl isn't cooking on V-day, vasectomy or no vasectomy.


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jaime said...

Good luck to Dave tomorrow!