Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V-day!

Dave survived his surgery but I swear his brain cells were effected... Seriously, he was acting like rain man yesterday. He felt fine afterward and wanted to go in Harris Teeter to get meds filled and buy a few things and acted like a drunk. was bad. Guess that was the Ativan working in him.

Then I had taken my time and made gift bags for the girls for Valentine's Day. They were decorated all pretty etc. I had them lined up upstairs ready for today... So this morning I go to get the bags for the kids to open, and one is missing.... I was confused,and soon found out the contents from the missing bag were stuffed in the others... So just the actual bag was gone... Mr. Dumb Ass had apparently needed a bag for my gifts, and instead of say, opening the giftwrap closet and finding one, he just stole a bag I had ready for the kids. Idiot.

Anyways, it's been a nice quiet day. Dave did spoil me, I got a massage certificate, two pandora charms, some roses, AND I have the Snuggie coming my way. I know your all super jealous! Start sucking up to me ASAP 'cause like the info commercial says you get an extra free AND two book lights. Pictures to come when it arrives hehe.

I got Dave a Tommy Bahama watch from my bff Costco and a massage certificate as well.

Apparently we are going to dinner tonight with no reservations so we might end up at Taco Bell. Maybe if I'm lucky Arby's. Happy V-day!

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Hollie said...

i want a snuggie too!

and that heart muffin tin was a wedding gift but i'm pretty sure i've seen them at target. it's made by wilton.