Thursday, February 5, 2009

Maybe I should have taken them to happy hour...

Today I had to go to a inservice with all of my area's social workers and dieticians. Let's face it, I'm generally there for free food and occasional pens and notepads that we get at these. I do learn something new sometimes, but hey, free food and I come running. Afterward the social workers wanted to have a meeting to touch base (excuse for a bitch session). Apparently, all the other social workers are freaking the blankety blank out as their units are just now starting with all the new madatory governement induced changes. They are simply losing it. Seriously, I thought I cussed alot, these women have nothing on me. I sat there chill, as well, my units were the first one to get started on the changes back in December exactly when I came back to work, so I am over it now. I had my freak out session then and now I am pretty much over it. The work is well, a super pain in the butt, and just adds to the already mounting paperwork we already have, but I am getting my part done. It was nice to sit there carefree, but apparently my chillness got on some up tight people's nerves. I totally sympathize with them, but hey, I got hit with the crap on day one from getting back from maternity leave, so my advice to them is do what I did. Go home, drink ALOT, whine, cry, and then do your job and get over it Of course I didn't say this to those women, or I wouldn't have made it back home. Stressed out social workers are just scary crazy people to begin with.


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