Tuesday, January 27, 2009

John and Kate plus 8

I don't care what anyone says, Kate Gosslin in my hero. People that watch Jon and Kate plus 8 either love her or hate her. I love her. True, she does get a bit witchy at times with her husband, and seems a bit demanding, stressed, but COME ON. She has 8 freaking kids, 6 being toddlers. I think she's handled it awesome. She feeds her kids organic/healthy meals, and she always done that even before they got "famous" so they were sacrificing money and time to go to all that trouble. I on the other hand am not that great of a mom in that department. Not that I am going to beat myself up on it.... my parents didn't feed me organic food and I survived some how. I just get excited when my kids will eat in general. Beggars can't be choosers.

The kids always seem so neat and tidy. Yes she is a neat freak, but I acually admire she's been able to keep that up with all the kids. None of them ever look like raggamuffins. I admire that she takes them out on trips a lot as well. Of course, it's not as costly for her as a lot of those trips are free for her family, because it's basically free advertising for the places they go, BUT she still deals with the stress of those outings like a champ. I myself have panic attacks at the thought of over night trips with the kids, and all the packing involved. Heck, we don't even really go anywhere with all three unless both myself and the hubby are together. Don't judge me if you don't have three under three and tell me I am being silly- you try it first..

So Kate, your my hero. Love your parenting, your cooking, your hair, your cleaning, AND I love the fact you got a free tummy tuck out of the deal. I am this close to youtubing my belly in the hopes someone will do the same for me. Cross your fingers for me!



Katie said...

I love that show too! I think I dig it so much b/c she is sooo real about what is going on and how she deals with her busy life. She's like, "this is how it is, I have 8 kids, and I'm freaking BUSY!", and you're right-those kids are super clean.
Sorry to write you a novel, but the friend that cuts my hair is going to have insurance pay for part of her tummy tuck b/c the skin flap/muffin top is causing recurrent skin yeast infections. Hmmmm.

Beav's Wife said...

i like her too. i think she's mean sometimes but hey, so am i! i loved their new house and i'm with you-i'm way impressed by how clean and tidy she keeps the house and the kids. she made me feel like i needed to REALLY clean my fridge last night!

The Golf Widow said...

I love J&K too.Although, she wasn't really organic before the TV show. She loaded down the costco shopping cart with instant oatmael and prepackaged foods in the early pre show specials.More money is definately a factor.

I still give her high-five.I'd serve instant and easy if I had 8 under 4.Feeding that many mouths would take long enough.

As far as I'm concerned the free tummy tuck was worth all the work they put into the show. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people still enjoy this show. It used to be an ispiration to me but not any longer. I have friends who foster children in their home and have up to 10 children at a time. They do not get to go on free vacations to Disney World and Hawaii. And they definitely do not live in a million dollar home. And, what they do makes so much more of an impact on the lives of others. But, they don't ask for anything in return. John and Kate Goselin are "pimping out" their children. I hope they get as much money as they can while the getttin' is good! Because I think most of the American public is like me.

Three under Three said...

Dude, if your fostering kids, your getting paid by the state... and don't tell me that your not breaking even, as I KNOW people who make their living off keeping foster kids...That family you know might have great intentions, but their not doing it for free...

carolina said...

you are both amazing parents doing what seems an impossible job. very very admirable. i also admire that you are so careful about good grammar. it is just great that all 8 will speak correctly because of you. you make only one error that it seems like most americans make nowadays, even newscasters. that is for example: you usually say "for or to Jon and I" or "for Kate and I". it should be for or to "Jon and ME" or "for/to Kate and ME." you would never say "FOR I OR TO I would you?

As new dog owners, have a look at DOG WHISPERER on national geographic channel. it's not about dog training, it's about being their leader in dog language.

i am one of the addicts, and watch shows I've seen already over and over. you are both such amazing parents. and gorgeous kids. smart too.

Anonymous said...

watching old show s today
so sad they were once so happy
even with her brother and sister in law what happened there?