Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 30th!

The husband turned 30 yesterday! Happy birthday David, I love ya! We had family come over for some spagetti, cake, and gifts. I didn't have much time for cleaning as we have had a busy week. Please note the laundry room in the far right corner in which I piled a bunch of crap back there to hide it, but failed to shut the door. Luckily I shut the door to our room, as it's just a war zone in there.

Dave got lots of cool things. Luckily he got some money and gift cards to Lowe's/Home Depot, as he wants to build cabinets for the garage. He had some plans to use some of the tax money we are getting back for that, so hopefully he wont need money from that to complete the project now lol. I can think of better ways to put that money to use especially since his bob the builder skills are shady- hehe. Just kidding, not really.

Tonight we are going to dinner with another couple to continue to celebrate the big 3-0- in Virginia Beach at PFchangs.... yummmmm


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Beav's Wife said...

happy 30!!!!!!!!! and, enjoy pfc...i looove that place. :0)