Friday, January 16, 2009

For those of you who don't know my husband has been on midnight shift for freaking ever. He put in this summer to get transfered to days effective when I had the baby as he wanted to be nice and help me out with my little ladies nights and mornings, and of course he's just sick and tired of working nights. Who could blame him? ANYWAYS the butt holes over looked him a gazzillon times, but today he came home and said effective next month on the 14th he would be on day shift. WELL, then he got a phone calll right when he got home, and it turns out they want him to start day shift effective TOMOROW morning! woot woot. Of course I don't really need his help during nights and mornings anymore, as Emily began sleeping through the night a few weeks after birth, (I lucked out big time) but it is going to be sooo nice to have my husband home at night, and not have him be a sleepy zombie the rest of his days.

He is excited, but a little bumbed to be loosing most of his overtime, as all his court time was overtime when he was on midnights, AND the city is not giving raises this year whatso ever. Depsite this he is still psyched to be on days, and is just thankful to still have his job in general when so many people all over are getting laid off or having hours cut. I guess the great thing with our jobs is that we do have job security in our fields.


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I'll woot woot to the job security and day shift! Yay!