Saturday, January 10, 2009

I hate meetings

So yesterday Dave took Laura -Lu to school as I was at work, BLAH. He managed to put her dress on her backwards, but she at least went to school with brushed hair and brushed teeth... So I am told... ANYWAYS, a week from this Tuesday we have parent/teacher conferences. Of course I am already tense as I don't think I can handle any constructive criticism on my kiddo. I know I know. She's in preschool for goodness sake, so honestly how bad can any of those precious 2 years olds in the class be? Mainly I think the problem is I have issues with constructive criticism with myself, and as she's my daughter, I am scared they might say something and I will take it to heart and blame myself. I will think of myself for being a bad parent if the teacher suggests we need to work on her sharing skills lol. She's perfect in my eyes of course. This is honestly no big deal, and I need to just calm down. I wonder if every other parent in her class is this tense about this as I am? Chances are I am the only nut.

Ugg. In other news I am pissy about work. I make my schedule of where I am working and what days I am taking off a month in advance. I was all excited as I was actually going to be able to take off next Friday, which means being able to take my wee-one to school. Found out yesterday a stupid meeting is now going to take place on Friday. I had also arranged to have my first sewing lesson friday afternoon. I could take monday off instead but then that would screw up a bunch of other crap, and I think there is a meeting monday anways, so that is no good. So I think I will have to go in friday for the meeting that will last all of 15 min, but my work isn't exactly around the corner, and of course this meeting might take place at 8:30, or 9:30, or might get canceled in the end if the patient ditches before someone can grab them for the meeting. And of course I wont know the time until Wednesday. This irritates me as no matter what I wont be able to take her to school, that day now, and I had made my schedule a month in advance. I will at least be able to pick her up though from school, and I will still be able to go to my sewing lesson, and since I am going to spend part of my time at some meeting on my day off, you better believe I am cutting on early the day before to make up for that.

I always do my schedule around these meetings, but when they throw some extra ones in there last minute it's irritating to say the least. What I may start doing is if there is something I really want to do on the day I want to take off, I might take it off as a vacation day, rather then just a typical off day as I just work 4 days a week, so there is not if ands or butts. Noone messes with vacation days. Or just call out sick. Either way I will make this work.

Oh by the way, I am desperately seeking large pearl fake earrings. They must be fake as real pearls are not in my budget, especially large ones. I have also been seeing a bunch of highschool/college girls with them lately, so it must be in style, and since they are so young they must be fake. Anyone know where I can buy these?

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