Friday, January 9, 2009

Flash Back Friday

This is a picture of the hubby David, and one of my nephews taken on Jan 3rd 02. We don't get much snow in our part of Virginia, so I tend to remember snow days, and it was my dads birthday. We used to sled on my parents "hill" which is now the lot my house stands on. It was a puney hill, but our area is pretty flat around here so we made do. Of course there is a much bigger hill down by the river in which if one of my friends remembers we used to go there with our sleds and go down the hill and have to do a quick roll to prevent from crashing down into the freezing water and or break our necks on the rocks in front of the drop off. Yes we probably had a good chance of dying if we went in, but both of us are still alive some how.
Dave looks so good in this picture by the way.



Katie said...
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Katie said...

Now are you talking about the hill at Merry Point down Blount Point Rd., and the hill at the Warwick Yacht Club when we got pulled around in that aluminum jon boat? Either way, I can't believe our parents let us do that. Or did they not know? :)