Friday, January 2, 2009

Flash Back Friday

I will give a full explanation of why I am thinking about going private soon this weekend when I have some time, but until then here is flashback friday. This is a picture of New Years Eve circa 1999, the big Y2k celebration new years eve. I do not know how to fuzz out someones picture, or I would just in case the ex boyfriend doesn't appreciate his picture posted. Sorry in advance, I will at least keep his name mum. Regardless, it was a fun night, we went to a dinner/dance thing in my hometown with my sister and her husband, drank entirely too much, and had a blast, and I looked super skinny and pretty, so I posted the picture for to prevent me from stuffing my fat face.



Katie said...

Is it b/c I cyberstalk you?

Three under Three said...

NO! It's not you I promise!