Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Post in which people will pray I find Jesus...

This story begins almost a month ago... the husband called me at work one day, and gave me this song and dance about how he really wants to be off for Mother's Day, and he found someone to take his shift, but he wanted to clear with me a day to take the other guys shift. He said he wanted to spend the day with me and do something fun. Turns out, he really only wanted today off because Obama was in town for a college graduation, and he figured it would be a crappy crazy work day.

So...I have been eyeing the Reebok Easy Tone commericals, and hearing how comfy they are, and apparently if you where them alot, you behind will look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G... Of course I doubt anyone really sees any results from just wearing the shoes, but hey it's a chance I am willing to take. Anyways, Mother's Day was coming, and he had not asked me what I wanted, what size I wore or anything, so on pay day I decided I was going to get a pair of those shoes. I informed him Friday evening that I wanted to go to the mall and buy a pair, and he told me he thought they were stupid, but he took me anyways...he sat and watched me check them out at a few stores, and then proceed to buy a pair. (Side note, I freaking love them, they are sooooo comfy). He watches me be so excited about them friday evening, and all day Saturday...

So fast forward to Sunday morning. On the kitchen table awaits a wrapped present, some huge flower thingy that makes my eyes water and my nose run a marathon. I get all excited as he hands me the present and then he tries to get the camera. I tell him to put the camera away as I just woke up and I look like hell. I open the present and the dumb ass has given me a pair of the Reebok Easy Tones... He goes on to tell me he had already bought them, and that I could just take them back. I was not amused. He's but had time to hurry his tail back to the store to return them and come up with something else. Honestly, a card from the kids would have been fine, because it would have had a lot more care and feeling then this crap. He should have not taken me to the mall and watched me buy them...All he said to me before was he thought they were stupid, so he didn't even really make a effort to stop me from buying them. I was still sitting on the couch attempting to be grateful and try to act happy for the kids sake, but then he left the room to get something, and that's when I felt the tears so I bolted to the shower to cry without being seen or heard. It's how I handle things.

The rest of the day? Total waste. I kept thinking we were going to do something, but the highlight was going to Costco to get diapers, and then watch all three of my kids have a melt down as we dined out the $1.50 hotdog combo, and have to leave before we could finish our meal because of their behavior. I didn't get to really spend any time with my own mom as she and my dad are really contagious, so I took her gifts over and did a quick visit,and then got out of there as the kids have been sick enough lately and don't need to catch anything else... Then after nap time I was hoping to go out shopping, but Dave's mom came by and then took the girls to a icecream place, by the time we got done with their visit the shops I wanted to go to were closed.

The part that ticks me off the most? I attempted to be calm and hide my feelings, but I caved and told him I wasn't exactly pleased with Mother's Day... (Did I also mention that my daughter made me a votive holder at school, but apparently she likes it as well as she refuses to let it out of her room, and told me I needed to share with her) Anyways, he's mad, that I am mad, and that's just not a way to win me over. Butt kissing and returing those things pronto would help, but he's not smart enough to figure that out. Men are retarded, in my next life I am going to be a lesbian or asexual.


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Jenny said...

Booooooooooooooooooooooo! I think it's time for you to start thinking of Father's Day payback!