Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busch Gardens Adventures...

Meet Laura and Rachel's favorite rides as of date at Busch Gardens..... ( I borrowed the pictures from the web cause I wasn't feeling like dragging the camera out). We made our third trip of the year to Busch, and this time we actually got to see more of the park.... Last two times we have just hit up the Sesame Street Portion of the park, ridden the train, sky ride, and Land of the Dragons.
This time we skipped all of that, and ventured out to let the kids see the rest of the park. We went to Italy first where they did some smaller kiddy rides, and then Dave and I took turns riding the Battering Ram, and Davinci's Cradle (as pictured above) with the girls. I am telling you, they are not afraid of anything! I think if I was 3 and 4 those rides would be a little bit scary, but nope. They stayed in a fit of giggles and sqeals the entire time, and made other riders crack up at their expressions.
We then walked over near the swings so Emily could ride the small ones. She loved it and then after a couple of rides put a death grip on and didn't want to get out while I pried her out of the seat. Rachel then had a melt down as she wants to ride the big swings, but she's not tall enough. Dave wanted to ride the Log Flume or is it Floom? They kids were not big fans because they didn't like getting a little wet, without bathing suits. Just a concept beyond them.
After that the park was ready to close, so we left and grabbed a quick dinner at Plaza on the way home.
I am really glad we got passes this year, as there is so much for the kids to do there, and they have not even seen any of the shows, which I think they are going to be obsessed with. I am bit peeved though, as Busch just rolled out this preschool program, in which now if your 5 and under (and a Virginia resident) you can get in free if you fill out some form and always bring proof of age with you. Lovely, I just bought passes for the kids, and thought I was being all clever buying kids the pay for a day pass, and then getting Dave and I the bigger passes to get the free parking, discounts, etc. I am going to contact them to see if they will refund the money, but I bet chances are going to be slim... I will keep this in mind for next year thought that's for sure, and hope they offer the program again...


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