Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Green Acres is the place to be...

I know pretty much nothing about plants, landscaping, gardening, etc... We do not know what to do with out backyard, and so we have pretty much done nothing with it.. except get one idea about clearing it out and growing grass which was pretty much a disaster involving a landscape company getting their tractor stuck and have to be towed out by some 18 wheeler strength tow truck. It was not a fun night in the household that night back in 2007 let me tell you.

Apparently, one of my coworkers has a green thumb, and her husband is an expert with grass, plants, etc, as he is in charge of a really nice golf course in a swanky area, and she is going to take a look at my back yard, and give me some ideas of what the heck Dave and I can do. She's given me homework though which includes figuring out how much sun parts of the yard get, and where the sun sets and rises... and that alone is stressing me out because I feel like I would need to camp out and stare at it for 24 hours to figure it out. I look forward to her help though, cause man it can not get much worse...

Last year I got wild, and attempted to do some tomato plants in a topsy turvy thingy.... Didn't work out so hot for me.... I got a few dinky tomatoes, and was not worth my investment in making sure the stupid thing had water. I did however, have success with my green pepper plants... So this year I attempted to expand the "garden", and I have a little row of different things on the side of our house. I don't think it's going to get enough sun, but I am going to try anyways. Anyone have any gardening tips?


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