Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My future stars.....

When I had my first baby, Laura, I got prepared with the Baby Einstein Videos, Sesame Street, etc. She never paid any attention to it, or to the TV at all for that matter her first few years of life. Rachel was the exact same way... I tried seeing if they liked Dora, no beuno though, not fans at all...However, within the last 6 months there's been some Chhhhangggessss.... We have found out their interests...

My older kiddos are into Musicals people. I never realized little girls that young would get into them, I wouldn't call myself a fan either,but hey. Singing and dancing, yeah that's gets their attention.


Their favorite musical is currently Mama Mia, following closely by Highschool Musical 2.


Lately, I have been catching them perform "Dance Shows" where they proudly are working on their moves. Rachel has one move in which she tells you she's going to shake her booty to the right, and then the left. Emily, who watches everything her big sisters do attempts to join in on the dance shows now.

I am not going to lie, I will take this obsession over some cartoon, toy induced buying fad.

P.S. Dave is working hard on redeming himself for the Mother's Day let down, and he is able to verbalize exactly why I was hurt and upset. I got it like that =)


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