Friday, May 21, 2010

Diet Coke Addiction almost causes heart attack...

My Love of this:Photobucket

Caused quite a situation this morning with this:Photobucket

This morning before work, I made a quick Target run to buy ballet attire for the oldest, and while I was checking out I grabbed an essential bottle of diet coke to have on hand at work. I put the bottle in my LV Neverfull, and proceeded on to work. (yes total mistake, but you get used to that lovely bag being so nice and big that you end up throwing all kinds of mess in there) As soon as I got in my office I went to grab out the bottle, and only half an inch is remaining, because all my other crap in my purse is now freaking swimming. This resulted in me screaming, because number one that damn bag cost a lot of money, and number two all my crap was in there.

I emptied the contents which included: my cell phone, Itouch, book, sunglasses, momagenda planner, wallet, check book, Health forms for the kids (that I had freaking had filled all out ready for the doctors appointment later in June to get a few things as required by the preschool for next year), pair of socks, pens, and not pad. I also dumped the coke in the sink, and started sopping it all up. Freaking A. I calmed myself down and figured I would walk over to the dry cleaners which is in the same shopping center as the dialysis center I work at. I was ready to pay whatever it took to clean out the diet coke stain. Mister owner man, sadly told me he didn't want to touch it as he felt his services would do more harm then good. I then sulked out of there and returned back to the office and got on the phone with the LV store that I bought it from. A nice sales associate calmed me down and told me to take damp clothes and mild soap and work on it, and allow it to dry, and then see what I had. I worked on that sucker, and then set it aside, and tried to not think about it for the rest of the day... umm pretty much impossible...My other things in the purse were ok. the momagenda survived, and didn't have a drop on it somehow, my cell phone was fine, and I think the Itouch will be fine. The Itouch was acting all crazy but it's back to normal for now. Apparently, if an electronic device gets wet like that you just cover it with rice, and it will do some magic healing.

By the end of the day I peeked in my purse and you wouldn't even know anything happend.... the lining looks fine and it's stain free.... Target better be relieved as you know if that purse had gotten a stain I would have attempted to get them to replace my bag for selling me a deffective coke bottle. Never mind I was the idiot putting in an expensive purse. However, I doubt a el cheapo bag could have survived the ordeal stain free! The LV lives to fight another day, and I learned a lesson.


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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I would have freaked too, tee hee ;) So glad it all worked out though...good for Target boutique' ;)

Jamie :)