Tuesday, March 23, 2010

By now everyone and their mother has heard of The Pioneer Woman’s blog. Her food is out of this world…. I recently purchased her cookbook (two copies, one for me and one for my mom). The cook book is awesome. Just like her blog she takes step by step pictures, which help people like myself, need things broken down in baby steps. Check out her blog, and then order that cook book…you wont be sorry!
So after reading the cookbook, I decided to challenge myself. I made her pizza dough. Ok, let me explain. Using anything that requires me to make bread scares the crap out of me… I attempted to make homemade bread a long time ago, probably when I was still in high school or something… and it was a utter failure. So making this pizza dough took some courage and scared me. I went forth and followed the directions in the book. I did have a minor freak out as the dough was really sticky, and I couldn’t figure out how to get it off my hands. I may or may not have sent my daughter next door to get my mom, whom directed me to just use a little more flour. What would I do without my mom? Crisis solved. I didn’t do anything with the pizza dough until last night. I tried out a recipe on her website that kind of copies California Kitchen Barbeque Chicken’s pizza. Let me tell ya… it was sooooo good! The husband had to work last night, so he missed out on it, so it was just me and the kids… The kids didn’t like it, but I kinda figured it would be to grownup tasting for their liking…Hey, I enjoyed eating it at least.
The cool thing about the dough is the recipe makes enough for two pizzas, and my husband asked me to make the pizza for him tonight so he can try it. Next time I make some dough I will try to make a more kid friendly pizza for the kids with lots of normal pizza fixings so they will eat it…and then recreate the Barbeque Chicken Pizza again Dave and I. This will definitely because a household staple… I can’t wait to try out some more recipes!


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