Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day recap!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Dave had to work on Mother’s Day (boo, hiss) so he got me up early before he left and we did a quick celebration with the kids. Laura’s preschool class had the kids give all the mom’s a plant, and they did their hand prints and took a picture of them and laminated it. I was oohing and ahhing over the hand print craft she did, and Rachel all of the sudden ran upstairs in the playroom. A few minutes later she came down, and she proudly handed me a picture she drew. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. She wanted to make me something too just like her sister. I grin every time I think about it.

Dave gave me a certificate for a facial to a local spa, and the Itouch. Let me just say the Itouch is the coolest little thing invented It’s basically an Iphone without the phone/camera. I can check my email with it, get on facebook, surf the net, download the cool apps which are really cool, its my planner, calculator, weather informer, clock, etc etc etc. If it could do my laundry then I would be all set. I think I understand all the hype about the Iphone/black berry’s now. I just think it’s crazy to spend the monthly fee on those. I rather go shopping hehe. With the Itouch there isn’t a monthly fee at all, and you just use wi-fi with it, which is basically everywhere these days.
A lot of the apps are free, and the others that are not free are not that pricey. Range from .99 to $5 I guess. They have apps for everything and then some…. You pay with those with your itunes account, so you can load itunes gift cards, etc. I downloaded the facebook app, cause I am all about some face book, the gossip app in which I can check out perez hilton’s blog, E, and People quickly, I also downloaded the Lose It app, to help me chart weight loss/weight gain, and Dave downloaded a poker game. I am telling you I am obsessed with this sucker. I need a name for her. (of course it’s a girl, duh, I put a cute pink protector case on it)
Dave might be getting one for Father’s Day himself as he has become obsessed with mine. He didn’t know all of the stuff you could do with it and thought it was just a touch screen ipod. I think he wants one so he can play with it during down time at work hehe.


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